Featured Artist

March & April Artist: Barry Macky  
Barry Macky

Meet Barry on March 18, 2017 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Barry is a retired mechanical design engineer with a lifelong woodworking passion who now designs and creates quilts of wood.  The symmetrical geometric shapes combined with the beautiful grains and colors in the wood combine to make a perfect natural expression for Barry.

His wooden quilts are made into coasters, trivets, wall hangings and more.  They blend artistry with everyday functionality through the use of highly moisture resistant and easy to clean wood finishes.  Metal inserts are used to prevent contact of hot dishes with table surfaces.

Barry starts by hand selecting all of the woods that make up the individual diamond and triangular pieces that go into the quilt.  These pieces are then cut and glued onto a plywood backing in the desired pattern.  No paints, stains, dyes or colorants are used.  Barry likes to say, “Nature does the pretty work and I just rearrange the trees into quilt patterns.”

B Macky 1

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