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Featured Artist

May & June Artist: Roberta Condon - Sculptural Baskets

Roberta Condon (403x452)Meet the Artist   Saturday June 3, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm 

Lecture at 1:00 pm  

Hear about her process and the special  environmentally protected pine trees that her baskets are created in the Exhibit Hall. Roberta works with pine needles in a coiling technique, which she took up when her children, twin boys, left for college.  Her background is in painting, but she felt she needed something to keep her hands busy.  Roberta has studied with masters across the country that turned basket weaving into a passion for her.   Roberta uses the needles from the beautiful, majestic southern Long Leaf Pine. Her sculptural basketry honors a long tradition while at the same time brings a fresh organic approach. She hopes to honor the trees, the forests and the artisans who came before her in this time honored folk tradition.
basket group (800x565)