In Death & Lace: Works of Adornment – July 13 – Dec. 3, 2017

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In our exhibits we hope to tell stories that are meaningful and relevant to the audience but also to challenge their preconceptions about different topics we tackle. Death is a subject that can be difficult to talk about, deal with, or explain. When studying the subject it is clear that each culture, family, and person deals with this inevitability in a different way. Archaeologically we see many different cultures leave behind evidence for rituals related to death, beliefs about death, and commemoration of ancestors. These topics were the jumping off point for this exhibit.

With the exhibit In Death, we will take a topic that affects everyone and use artwork to start conversations about different aspects of the subject, death, while putting on a coherent art installation. Art can be an outlet for doubts, fears, and regrets, but art can also help the viewer reflect and deal with those same feelings. When thinking about death, it is easy to focus on these doubts and fears, but it can also be an opportunity to celebrate life. It is our hope that by having this exhibit we can start conversations about the holistic nature of death instead of focusing on only the good or the bad.

Additionally, lace from the WMQFA Collection, the Lois Markus Lace Collection, will also be on exhibit. This collection being highlighted truly deserves top praise.


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