Old Farm 288x215Programs for Elementary Students How hard was life for early settlers of Wisconsin?  What role did children play in establishing farms and communities?  How much did children contribute to the self-sufficiency of farms?  What kinds of activities were done by children to share the workload and help provide the necessities of daily farm life? Your students will be able to answer these questions and more after experiencing the Piecing the Past field trip at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts.  Piecing the Past is designed to highlight the history and heritage of Wisconsin through role-playing, games and discussions, as well as provide hands-on experiences in traditional fiber arts such as quilting or weaving.  Tours of the museum’s 19th century farmstead, fiber art exhibitions, and demonstrations by professional artists round out the tour’s offerings. Depending upon your interests and classroom studies, Piecing the Past can be tailored to fit your needs.  In fact, you help choose the activities best suited for your students.  Download the files below to learn more! For availability, rates and more information contact our Youth Education Coordinator at 262.546.0300,  or Youth@wiquiltmuseum.com. To view more information, click on the links below: Brochure 2015 Wisconsin Model Academic Standards & Common Core Standards covered by Piecing the Past To sign up online for a program for your school, follow this link:  Online Registration Form