Yogparkes-yogaa for Makers

 With Heidi Parkes

Four Wednesdays, June 7-28, 2017, 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Wabi-Sabi, or Collaboration with Nature

This gentle yoga practice centers on the Prana-Sancalana Kriyas, during which we allow our bodies to move with gravity. This practice is about accepting the bodies we have now, and preparing our joints for making! These deeply therapeutic movements will be engaging for advanced yogis, and accessible for beginners. Art connection: The aesthetic of wabi-sabi asks us to embrace accidents, imperfection and simplicity. Feeling these qualities in our yoga practice may inspire them in our quilting.

Focus on Hands

Whether machine or hand quilted, knit or crocheted, woven or spun- we all focus on the hand-made! Engage in a moderate yoga practice that focuses on the hands. Students will learn a mudra (hand gesture), practice a gentle Vinyasa flow, and connect with the earth element. The class includes practices that care for the hands and wrists. Art connection: Our hands have great energetic power. An awareness of our hands in yoga creates a similar awareness in quilting.

From the Heart

For many of us, quilts contain an inherent message of love. This heart-opening practice will include a mudra and mantra for the heart, and will get your blood flowing! This Vinyasa (sun salutation/flow) sequence will help us un-hunch our shoulders, and greet the day with kindness and compassion. Art connection: Exhibiting one’s art can be a vulnerable experience. This practice encourages us to share our talents with others. Opening our hearts and being compassionate can lead to socially conscious art, collaborations and generosity.

Visualization and improvisation

Planning vs. improv? Come see why these are not mutually exclusive terms in a yoga practice where we set an intention to be in the present moment. ‘Dristi Manaha Prana: Wherever the awareness goes, the mind goes, and the energy follows.’ This vinyasa flow class will focus on mental awareness, the eyes, and breathing. Art connection: Directing our creative energy is an essential part of producing work and growing in our craft. Set an intention for your next year of making, and learn techniques that will help them manifest.


A yoga mat.  Optional additional supplies depending on personal preference:  1-2 yoga blocks, a yoga blanket, a cushion to sit on.

$30 per session or $108 for all four.

Teacher Bio:

Heidi Parkes is a quilter and a professional yoga instructor with her 200-hour certification in Vinyasa Yoga from Rolf Gates, and her 500-hour certification in Yoga Therapy from Dr. Indu Arora. Her well-rounded classes feature many aspects of yoga including hand-gestures, breath work, chanting, and asanas. Heidi often tailors her yoga practices to fit the unique needs of artists and quilters. As a quilter, Heidi turns to yoga for the physical stamina and restoration of her body, and for inspiration when developing the philosophical intentions behind her art. Join her on Instagram at @heidi.parkes

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