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Board of Directors 2017

  • Executive Director:  Melissa Wraalstad[ email ]
  • President:  Peter Damsgaard [ email ]
  • Vice President:  Margaret Barkley
  • Past President:  Susan Werneke
  • Past President Emeritus:  Kay Walters
  • Treasurer:  Robert Gross [ email ]
  • Treasurer-elect: Rahim Keval
  • Recording Secretary:  Emily Clubb
  • Corresponding Secretary:  Marilynn Wilke[ email ]
  • Marketing Director:  Linda Sweek[ email ]
  • Collections Director: Carol Butzke
  • Volunteer Director:  Linda Vargo[ email ]
  • Building & Grounds:  Paul Rushing
  • Historian:  Judy Jepson
  • Membership:  Nancee Ariagno & Lee Heinrich
  • Members at large:  Catherine Jautz Bailey, Mary Sue Fenner, Barbara Gross, Judy Wasserman Hearst, Joyce Krueger

Additional Staff:

  • Education Coordinator:  Jordan Gibbon [ email ]
  • Collections Manager: Devyn McIlraith [ email ]
  • Exhibit Curator: Alessandra Piano [ email ]
  • Documentation: Maribeth Schmit [ email ]
  • Gift Shop Manager:  Mary Mendla [ email ]
  • Retail Associate: Jean Dreblow
General information: info@wiquiltmuseum.com